Are Online Foam Mattresses Really as Good As They Say?

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One of the best things about the internet today is the fact that people can buy literally anything from an online store; anything including mattresses.

In fact, according to, an online site that reviews mattresses sold online, mattress buying online is becoming more and more popular.

But is online mattress buying really as advantageous as it sounds? or does it have a negative side to it?

Well, the only way to get to know this is to analyze the pros and cons of online mattress buying.

Benefits of Buying Memory Foam Mattresses Online

Attractive Return Policies

There is no denying the fact that online mattress buying is riskier than buying from a brick and mortar retailer. To cushion the customer from the huge risk that is associated with customers not being able to test the products before purchasing, online retailers offer their customers very attractive return policies.

Most online retailers allow their customers to return unsatisfactory products within 100 days though sometimes the terms and conditions may differ. For example, Tuft and Needle give customers who buy mattresses from their website a 100-day return policy.

However, the return policy for those who buy a Tuft and Needle mattress from Amazon is reduced to 30 days.

Casper also allows its clients a free trial stretching to a maximum of 100 days.

return policy

Relatively more affordable

Online mattress buying is relatively cheaper than buying from a traditional brick and mortar store. In fact, it is estimated that online mattress retailers are at least 15% cheaper than brick and mortar stores. This is because of a number of reasons. Firstly customers may not have to pay sales taxes when buying foam mattresses online. Secondly, most online mattress retailers offer their customers free delivery. Not all brick and mortar stores offer their customers free delivery. Most online mattress retailers also offer discounts to customers making the mattresses even cheaper.

Cons of Buying Memory Foam Mattresses Online

1. Too firm

One of the most common complaints about memory foam mattresses that are bought from the online scene is in regards to the firmness. For example, Seth Zehler complained that the Tuft and Needle mattress he bought was too firm for his liking. Paul J. also had the same sentiments about the Tuft and Needle mattress even claiming that he and his wife didn’t sleep much during the first two nights of owning the mattress. In addition to that, they both woke up with backaches. There are also a couple of similar complaints about the Casper mattress with MykDnm insinuating that the Casper mattress is more of brick. Brenda, another Casper customer also complained about the mattress being too firm for her back. Yet another customer by the name PM thought that sleeping on the Casper was akin to sleeping on the floor.

2. Off-Gassing

Customers have also come forward with complaints about the smell given off by the memory foam mattresses that have been bought online. Once again, this is a complaint that is quite common regardless of the mattress brand in question.

For example, Pen Name confessed liking the Sealy mattress but at the same time, admitted to wanting to return it because of the pronounced smell of rubber that the mattress lets out. Apparently, the smell had been there for over a month by that time. Ryan, another Sealy customer also reported having to resort to techniques such as opening the window, taking out the sheets on a daily basis and even switching on the fans in order to get rid of the foul chemical smell emitted by the mattress. Jason, a Tuft and Needle customer resisted sleeping on his new mattress on the first night because of a slight chemical smell. The domestic economist, writing about the Tuft and Needle mattress noted that the chemical smell was the first thing they noticed about the new mattress. The domestic economist also notes that the smell was there even after one week of using the mattress.

woman smells stinky air

3. Mattresses sleep hot

While most of the mattresses sold on online platforms are marketed as ‘cool’ to sleep on, numerous customers have in fact complained about the mattresses sleeping hot. Jen for example, complains that her Sealy mattress would get too hot especially around her hips and her rear. TDK another Sealy mattress customer complained about the non-suitability of the mattress during summer. Even Tuft and Needle has not been spared of such complaints. J. Castle, for example, complained about the unbearable heat produced by the mattress

mattress feels hot when sleeping

4. Poor delivery of promises (delivery time & return policies)

Unfortunately, some online mattress retailers may not honor the promises made to customers in regards to delivery time and the return policy. For example, some Casper customers end up getting heavily disappointed because their mattresses end up taking longer to deliver. One such disappointed customer claimed that the online retailer had promised delivery within 7 working days but taken over 25 days instead.

There are also major complaints regarding the no hassle return policy of some online retailers. Unfortunately, Casper is one such company. There are a number of complaints regarding the implementation of the 100-day return policy with some customers claiming that Casper does not honor the policy if one purchases its products from Amazon. Complaints have also been filed regarding the difficulty associated with returning faulty and unsatisfactory mattresses with some customers complaining of delayed pick-ups of returns as well as delayed refunds.

5. Filtered and Doctored reviews

This is yet another scourge associated with online mattress buying. It is quite unfortunate that some online retailers mislead their customers by filtering out negative reviews by real customers and instead doctoring numerous positive reviews with the intention of making their products look better and of higher quality.

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