How To Sleep Better If You Are A Light Sleeper?


Some people face a lot of difficulties falling asleep and for others staying asleep is even harder. If you fit into the category of light sleepers, you can imagine the trouble and know well how irritating it gets to stay asleep. So here are few remedies which will help you in how to sleep better and stay asleep.

1. Drink Warm Milk or Decaf Tea

Drinking warm milk or hot decaffeinated tea before going to bed has been proven to be the best sleep aid, which has great benefits on your health. But there are few things which are linked to it. Instead of using the normal caffeinated teas, you need to go for the specialized types of tea as suggested by the famous Dr. Oz. Because the caffeine present in normal tea will make you stay awake instead.

Try to avoid the heavy meal in dinner and alcohols. If your stomach is too full, it will be hard to fall sleep. As your body doesn’t find enough time to digest this food, causing the food to get stored within your body. This leads to the trouble while you go to sleep.  Alcohol may seem to be an easier way of falling asleep but can lead to interrupted and disturbed slumber. Those who drink a lot before going to sleep, wake up after just a few hours.

Drink Warm Milk or Decaf Tea

2. Take A Soothing Bath

A warm steamy bath is another a great remedy of how to sleep better especially at night. Those people who use to work the whole day for long hours, a warm bath before bed a is the perfect way to easing their muscles and body. You can light few candles around the bathtub and fill the tub with the bubbles to create a soothing atmosphere.

3. Do Yoga

Some people consider doing yoga before going to sleep and find it very relaxing. For having a correct guide related to correct yoga poses, you can find many online websites.

Yoga for Sleep Better

4. Reduce The Light Around You

The best sleep aid is to keep the amount of light less in your room. Even for some people, a small amount of brightness can wake them up in the night and make them feel that it is morning. That’s why it is important to not sleep in TV lounges with TV on. Make sure that lights should be off or make them little dimmer if you can’t stand a completely dark room.

You can use a sleeping mask or tie something on your eyes if you are lying in the room whose lights can’t be turned off. If sunlight irritates your eyes, you can use the thick light blocking fabric for curtains like the AcoucticCurtains, which block nearly 99% of light rays to enter in your room through windows.

5. Read A Book

Reading a book before going to bed is a great way to sleep better which transfers the concentration of your mind away from work and allows your nerves to get relaxed. Choose a book which soothes you and lightens your mind by clearing out the way of your daily stresses.

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