Most Effective Natural Cures To Help You Sleep Better

St. John's Wart flowers

Why do you take all those prescriptions that you can hardly swallow and that have side-effects too, when you may be able to try to treat yourself with natural supplements. Scientists have researched and found out that these natural cures and natural remedies can help control blood sugar, cholesterol, and many other ailments. These natural remedies may have abilities to reduce dangerous diseases such as cancer. Let’s have a look at some of the natural remedies that the best diet plans should include.


  1. Turmeric:
    Everyone knows that turmeric has healing powers. If you’re an arthritis patient, your doctor would give you medical advice to include turmeric in your meals to relieve the pain.
    According to medical research, turmeric also helps prevent colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Rosemary:
    The best diet plans include meals with rosemary. It helps avoid carcinogens that enter our bodies binding with the DNA. This is how tumors are formed. Rosemary helps prevent the formations of tumors in our bodies.
  3. Cinnamon:
    According to a German study, if you take cinnamon extract regularly, it may help reduce your blood sugar by 10% almost.
    Cinnamon also helps reduce your cholesterol level. People who have type 2 diabetes should take cinnamon extract to avoid heart diseases.
  4. Ginger:
    If you have a stomach problem or nausea because of pregnancy, sickness, or even chemotherapy, then ginger may lessen that.
    Ginger also helps to lower your blood pressure and five relief from arthritis pain. Cancer risk may be reduced or avoided by the use of ginger.
  5. Holy Basil:
    Holy Basil is very helpful if you’re stressed. It increases adrenaline and noradrenaline and lowers serotonin which helps in reducing your stress.
    According to a research, Holy Basil helped with breast cancer. It caused the shrinking of tumors by reducing the blood supply to them which eventually stopped their spread.
  6. Garlic:
    If you want to reduce cancer risks, medical advice is that you consume garlic is big amounts. Garlic may prevent from ovarian, colon-rectal and various other cancers.
    Garlic is also very beneficial for your cardiovascular health.

St. John's Wart tablets

  1. John’s Wort:
    If you feel worried all the time, sometimes for no apparent reasons, St. John’s Wort would help you soothe your worries.
    Research has revealed that this herb helps a lot with anxiety and depression. There are antidepressants too but St. John’s Wort has no side-effects.
    St. John’s Wort contains a hormone called melatonin which controls our sleep and wake cycle. This herb would not only help you sleep soundly but it will also help increase melatonin in your body.

Medicines have many long-term and short-term side-effects but these natural cures and herbs have no side-effects if you just add them in your daily diet plan. Even small amounts of these herbs would help you live a healthy and sound life.


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